U-Max Series - Energy Saving Solutions

Save Money - Save The Environment

The U-Max Series, focuses on one thing above all else, saving energy and in turn saving you money.  The performance requirements of our U-Max European Tilt and Turn windows is stringent.  In order to qualify as a U-Max series product, the window must have an introductory total U-Value of .22 or less, and be capable of a U-Value of .15 or below! (That's a minimum of 36% better performance than is currently required for the Federal Energy Tax Credit that requires only a .30!)

Features & Benefits

  • All the standard features of our regular tilt turn window and door products you know and love.
  • U-Values from .22 – 0.13, 36% to more than twice the energy saving performance necessary for the Federal Energy Tax Credit!
  • 1” to 1-7/8" glass & airspace -  WOW!
  • All Vinyl, Aluminum Clad Vinyl, and Wood Aluminum Clad units available.

 Most manufacturers have to do everything they can just to get a .23 U-Value, let alone break the .20 barrier.  All of our U-Max series windows are capable of meeting a minimum .22 U-Value and are capable of a U-Value of .15 or less, with some performing to a U-Value as low as .13!

Perhaps the biggest surprise of all is how inexpensive our U-Max series is compared to other energy saving lines that only give you half the performance.  All the features of your popular European Tilt Turn window products, with state of the art energy saving technology.  U-Max series max's out the performance, savings and satisfaction guaranteed!

U-Max HX-80 Thermo  UMAXH540
U-Max H540
U-Max Passive HX UMAXH545
U-Max H545
U-Max Passive H490 UMAXH590
U-Max H590 Shadow
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