U-Max Series - Model H545
U-Value: .18 to .14 Construction: Aluminum-Clad Wood Window
  • 1-7/8" Triple Pane IG (insulated glass) unit.
  • H545 is only available w/ Triple Pane glass options.
    • Standard w/ aluminum spacer, optional warm edge spacer available.
  • Annealed, Laminated, Tempered and ornamental glass options.
  • Numerous insulating gas options and specialty glass coatings available.
Frame Profile:
  • Profile depth 4.25", Profile height 3.4"
  • Quadruple Laminated Wood Frame and Sash Profiles.
  • Straight Modern Lines for contemporary design aesthetics (Opposite of H540)
  • Std Species: Spruce & Larch.
  • Optional Species
    • Pine, fir, mahogany, alder, others (Please Inquire)
Weather Seals: 3 Full Perimeter Gasket Seals, w/ built in weep system.  3mm space between wood and aluminum cladding, allows for ventilation and eliminates condensation potential between dissimilar materials. Grille Options: 5 types of Simulated Divided Light (SDL's) without spacer bars.

Operations: Tilt Turn Window, Hopper, Awning. Geometrics: Available in both operable & fixed units
Exterior Finish: Aluminum Clad Exterior, available in all RAL Colors. More than 700 to choose from.

Optional textured finishes available.
Interior Finish:
  • Prime ready to stain
  • Prime ready to paint
  • Pre-finished Stained
  • Pre-finished painted.
  • More than 30 standard stains & colors to choose from.
  • Limitless Custom Stains and Colors Available, Including Color Matching to your existing finishes (Sample Required)
Hardware: Many standard handle styles and finishes to choose from, with unlimited Custom Handle options available. Hidden Hinges:
The U-Max Series H545 (the contemporary sister to the H540) is a marvel of European Tilt Turn Window design. Using the latest glass technology and materials, the H545 reaches its .14 U-value with the sheer strength of its mass as reflected by its beefy 4.25" profile thickness of solid Quadruple Laminated hardwood.  Add to this a 1-7/8" Triple Pane glass unit and you have a Tilt Turn Window that has few if any competitors.  The H545 keeps it simple, by giving you a robust and  substantial Tilt Turn window solution that meets the demanding energy requirements of today & tomorrow, without using fancy new materials or technology.  The H545 shows the world that "old school" values of quality materials and craftsmanship can still lead the way!

* Check out the U-Max H540 for a more classic design version of the H545.

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