U-Max Series - H590 Shadow
U-Value: .20 to .14  (Final U-Value Testing on the New H590 will be completed shortly and U-Values listed may change accordingly, the values above represent factory testing and are interpreted conservatively ) Construction: Aluminum-Clad Wood Window
  • 1-7/8" Triple Pane IG (insulated glass) unit.
  • H590 is only available w/ Triple Pane glass options.
    • Standard w/ aluminum spacer, optional warm edge spacer available.
  • Annealed, Laminated, Tempered and ornamental glass options.
  • Numerous insulating gas options and specialty glass coatings available.
Frame Profile:
  • Profile depth 4.25", Profile height 3.4"
  • Quadruple Laminated Wood Frame and Sash Profiles.
  • Straight Modern Lines for contemporary design aesthetics. 
  • Std Species: Spruce & Larch.
  • Optional Species
    • Pine, fir, mahogany, alder, others (Please Inquire)
Weather Seals: 3 complete perimeter seal gaskets, w/ built in weep system and silicone glazing ensures weather tightness.  3mm space between wood and aluminum cladding, allows for ventilation and eliminates condensation potential between dissimilar materials. Grille Options: 5 types of Simulated Divided Light (SDL's) without spacer bars.

Operations: Tilt Turn Window, Hopper, Awning. Geometrics: Available in both operable & fixed units
Exterior Finish: Aluminum Clad Exterior, available in all RAL Colors. More than 700 to choose from.

Optional textured finishes available.
Interior Finish:
  • Prime ready to stain
  • Prime ready to paint
  • Pre-finished Stained
  • Pre-finished painted.
  • More than 30 standard stains & colors to choose from.
  • Limitless Custom Stains and Colors Available, Including Color Matching to your existing finishes (Sample Required)
Hardware: Many standard handle styles and finishes to choose from, with unlimited Custom Handle options available. Hidden Hinges:
  • Integrated Blind System
    • Fully sealed but separate from the main Insulating glass unit for the window.
    • Blinds are easily accessible / serviceable without interfering with the main insulating glass unit for the window. - No potential for Seal Failure as a result of the blinds.
Based on the H540 / H545 profiles, the H590 Shadow meets the stringent energy saving requirements of our U-max Series tilt and turn windows, while providing the enhanced feature of having integrated blinds. 

     Integrated blinds is not a new thing, but everyone who has had them has experienced the problems of seal failure, servicing and other blind failures that have plagued window manufacturers for years. The H590 Shadow combats these situations, by eliminating the potential for these problems altogether.  It achieves this by separating the integrated blind glazing area away from the main insulating glass unit of the tilt turn window.  They further designed the outside glass pain and exterior cladding profile to be accessible for servicing if and when it is necessary.  Thus, seal failures and service related problems for integrated blinds becomes a thing of the past.  Throw in the extraordinary energy efficiency of the unit and you can see why the H590 Shadow will quickly become a market leader for customers looking for a European Tilt Turn window with integrated blinds that they can rely on!

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