U-Max Series - Passive HX
U-Value: .14 Construction: Aluminum-Clad Vinyl Hybrid
  • 1.42" Triple Pane IG (insulated glass) unit.
  • Passive HX is only available w/ Triple Pane glass options.
    • Standard w/ Thermix Spacer.
  • Annealed, Laminated, Tempered and ornamental glass options.
  • Numerous insulating gas options and specialty glass coatings available.
Frame Profile:
  • Profile depth 4.53"
  • 7 Insulating Chambers
  • Special Thermally Broken Steel Reinforcement in Frame and Sash
  • Aluminum-Clad Polyurethane Core of 62mm or 2.44"
  • 4- Distinct thermal barrier sections (First Window of its kind!)
  • Modern Exterior Profiling
  • Based on HX80 Vinyl Tilt and Turn Window System Profile
Weather Seals: 3 Full Perimeter Gasket Seals, w/ built in weep system. Grille Options: 5 types of Simulated Divided Light (SDL's) without spacer bars.

Operations: Tilt Turn Window, Hopper, Awning. Geometrics: Available in both operable & fixed units
Exterior Finish: Aluminum Clad Exterior, available in all RAL Colors. More than 700 to choose from.

Optional textured finishes available.
Interior Finish: White,
25 Standard Decorative Foil Options,
More that 700 Custom RAL Color Foils Available As Well.*

* (RAL Color Foils May increase lead time and price.)
Hardware: Many standard handle styles and finishes to choose from, with unlimited Custom Handle options available. Hidden Hinges:
The U-Max Series Passive HX is an advanced European Tilt Turn Window product that specifically addresses Passive Home / Structure design.  The energy saving and distribution characteristics of this product make it a perfect solution for Passive Home design.  Due to the fact that Passive Energy Designs are specific in nature to be effective, we encourage all prospective buyers to work closely with us to ensure they are getting a product that meets their needs and requirements.

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