Homeline- Aluminum Clad Vinyl - Tilt Turn Windows & Doors

  • Low Maintenance Concerns? 

  • Matching some basement or cellar windows to your wood aluminum clad units?

Our Homline Series Aluminum Clad - Vinyl Tilt Turn Windows and Doors gives the perfect solution to match your wood clad products in high moisture environments.  Customers also choose the this stunning clad vinyl series when they wish to increase their durability and eliminate their maintenance altogether.  Combined with an interior foil, you have a unit that looks and feels like a wood clad product, but with a lifetime of maintenance free bliss.  With so many obvious advantages its easy to see why the popularity of our Aluminum Clad Vinyl tilt turn windows and doors has been steadily increasing in residential, commercial and multi-unit projects across the board.

Common Features & Benefits

  • Always custom made - You determine the size
  • U-Factor window 0.30 – 0.18, 30% better energy savings
  • Tilt Turn operation - Open & vent windows effortlessly
  • 1” glass & airspace -  Great energy efficiency
  • Alu-clad exterior - Added color selection & durability
  • High durable wood like foil interior option - The look of wood with no maintenance
  • Reinforced Steel Framing ** - Durability and security for your windows
  • Multipoint hardware*** - Easy 1 hand operation
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