Homeline Series - Every Day Comfort

Our Homline Series, features our German engineered vinyl European window and door systems. These products provide superior energy efficiency, durability and workmanship, at an affordable price.

Features & Benefits

  • Always custom made - You determine the size
  • U-Factor window 0.30 – 0.18, 30% better energy savings
  • Tilt Turn operation - Open & vent windows effortlessly
  • 1” glass & airspace* -  Great energy efficiency
  • High durable wood like foil - The look of wood with no maintenance
  • Alu-clad exterior - Added color selection & durability
  • Reinforced Steel Framing ** - Durability and security for your windows
  • multipoint hardware*** - Easy 1 hand operation
  • manufactured in Germany  - Perfect fit and finish
  • Smooth inter-frame profile - Easy to clean


* Double pane high energy efficiency glass U- Factor 0.19 BTU/hr-ft²-°F Multipoint Hardware

** Every window and door in any size has reinforced steel in the sash and frame

*** This special hardware is hidden inside the window allowing you to open or vent the sash with a single, multi-position handle.  1. Tilt position for venting airflow, the window still cannot be opened from the outside. 2. Turn position (inswing opening of the sash) for easy cleaning of the outside glass pane and egress.  

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