Innova Series - Lasting Performance and Luxury

Our Innova Series features our Aluminum-Clad Wood window selection.  With a focus on designing a window that incorporates the demanding structure and energy performance of a cutting edge product, with the warmth, fit and finish of a hand crafted window, the Innova series symbolizes an innovative blending of old and new.  A European tilt turn window that delivers everything you want, and keeps out everything you don't. All the advantages, no sacrifices, Innova!

Features & Benefits

  • Always custom made - You determine the size
  • U-Factor window 0.26 – 0.16, up to 40% better energy savings
  • Tilt Turn operation - Open & vent windows effortlessly
  • 1”+ glass & airspace (Dual Pane)* -  Greater energy efficiency
  • High durable Aluminum Clad Exterior, warm wood interiors with a furniture grade pre-finish. 
  • Vast selection of standard colors and stains available for both the interior and exterior, with custom colors and stains available, at a price you can afford.
  • Extensive glass selection; annealed, tempered, laminated, ornamental, sound deadening, and more.
  • multipoint hardware** - Easy 1 hand operation
  • Perfect fit and finish

* Double pane high energy efficiency glass U- Factor 0.19 BTU/hr-ft²-°F

** This special hardware is hidden inside the window allowing you to open or vent the sash with a single, multi-position handle.  1. Tilt position for venting airflow, the window still cannot be opened from the outside. 2. Turn position (in-swing opening of the sash) for easy cleaning of the outside glass pane and egress.

Innova H440  SL87
Innova SL87
Innova H445 RETURN
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Innova H480 Future SL97
Innova SL97