Innova Series - Model SL97 (SAFELOK READY)
U-Value: .23 to .16 Construction: Aluminum-Clad Wood Window
  • Triple Pane Glass Standard
  • Annealed, Laminated, Tempered and ornamental glass options.
  • Numerous insulating gas options and specialty glass coatings available.
Frame Profile:
  • Profile depth 97mm or 3.86"
  • Quadruple Laminated Wood Frame and Sash Profiles.
  • Bold Modern Profiling
  • Std Species: Spruce & Larch.
  • Optional Species
    • Pine, fir, mahogany, alder, others (Please Inquire)
Weather Seals: 3 Full Perimeter Gasket Seals, w/ built in weep system.  3mm space between wood and aluminum cladding, allows for ventilation and eliminates condensation potential between dissimilar materials. Grille Options: 5 types of Simulated Divided Light (SDL's) without spacer bars.

Operations: Tilt Turn Window, Hopper, Awning, Bi-fold & Terrace Door Geometrics: Available in both operable & fixed units
Exterior Finish: Aluminum Clad Exterior, available in all RAL Colors. More than 700 to choose from. Interior Finish:
  • Prime ready to stain
  • Prime ready to paint
  • Pre-finished Stained
  • Pre-finished painted.
  • More than 30 standard stains & colors to choose from.
  • Limitless Custom Stains and Colors Available, Including Color Matching to your existing finishes (Sample Required)
Hardware: Many standard handle styles and finishes to choose from, with unlimited Custom Handle options available. Hidden Hinges:
The Innova SL97 steps things up by moving to a beefy 97mm (3.86") frame and sash profile, and incorporates a standard triple pane glass pack to give an impressive starting U-Value of .23   Customers looking for further efficiency can take advantage of other glass coating and gas options for the airspace to bring the U-Value down to a stunning .16  The energy performance for this unit is so remarkable, it almost qualifies it to run with the pack of our U-Max series models!  It doesn't stop there, the SL97 is a tilt turn window with teeth.  While outfitted with our standard performance hardware package, it is also designed to incorporate our patented Safelok Hardware system, for the ultimate in window and door security.  Outstanding energy performance, stunning beauty, fantastic finishes, and state of the art security!  Innovation is what makes the Innova SL97 a tilt turn window with few equals.

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